Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skirt or Bare Leggin' It?

After a  fight discussion with Greg, we have decided that part of our First-Time Home buyers money will go to getting a large sectional for our family room.--Yes we have been here a year and still waiting on that money!!, but that's another story!!--

We originally thought we would lay sod and get a fence installed in the backyard, but have decided that they are other things that are more important than the fence right now. Since we will have plenty of people in our home in the next few months, we want to have plenty of seating for everyone. Right now we can seat 5 (not very comfortably) in there without problems, but no more!
Old picture, but you can see that we have no furniture in there and tall ceilings!

So here's the dilemma.


This is the sofa version of the sectional--it's the only picture of the skirt for this style I could find.

Or no skirt?
This is basically the configuration we will get, just without the Chaise.
If you can't tell, these are the same sofa- just different configuration. The configuration will be just an L-shape but I can't decide whether to do a skirt or legs. 

What are your opinions? Pros and Cons of each? Really need some help on this idea.

Isn't it funny that  I can make a decision for a client, but when it comes to me, I get all nervous and sweaty, ha!

Thanks for all of the advice!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Giddy as a School Girl!

Last post, I told you about this great couple that we are working with! I wanted to update you with some room shots!

Way back when, (day 2 on the job!) one of my first design jobs was selecting and designing the fabrics in the guest bedroom for this couple. They wanted something young, funky, and bright. The husband LOVES orange- so we jumped on the Orange train and went to town!

The bed was the clients and Hank had already selected the remaining furniture for the room. I was able to design the bedding, drapery, and the small side chair. I LOVED this project. I am ecstatic how it turned out!

It turned out to be lively and fresh, just perfect! We are 90% done. All we need are a little accessories, art and these bad boys on the nightstands!!
Tracy Glover Hand-Blown Lamps

Here are a couple of sneaks of the bedding, bench, antelope rug, and mother of pearl wall tile in the master bedroom. It's pretty yummy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pinch me, is this real?

Ouch! It must be! After SIX months on the job, I am such a happy girl! How did I end up with my dream job? After waiting and praying for sooo long, it still feels surreal to me that I have a job career doing what I love. These past few weeks have reminded how much I love this stuff and that this is what I am meant to do!

We have this great couple that we are working with right now. They recently built a house and have hired our company to design and re-decorate. Much of the furniture they are using was from their old house and the walls were painted basic colors. Man have we overhauled the place!!!

Tuesday, my boss and I spent the better of the day at the couples' home as a major furniture delivery happened! I have never been on this side of things before and actually been at a client's home during install. It was a site to see and I truly loved it!

I don't have pictures of the home, but here are some sneak peaks of the GORGEOUS wallpapers we have used in the home so far!
Maya Romanoff's Mother of Pearl Chevron in the Master Bedroom.
Powder Room Walls:  Schumacher

Gold Foil Wallpaper used on the Powder Room Ceiling

Seabrook's Twiggy Paper is perfect in the guest bathroom.

This wallpaper from Thibaut for the Mud Room/Laundry.

So have you jumped on the wallpaper train yet?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Laundry Room Revamp

For several months, I have wanted to "spice-up" our laundry room. Right now, it's a bunch of white and creams with espresso cabinets- just like I wanted it when we moved in last year, only now I have changed my mind.

Before--A Crisp Laundry Room-just like I wanted it.

I have toyed with ideas of painting the walls green, or adding wallpaper, or putting a back splash behind the washer/dryer. Since we are trying to save up for our new adventure as parents, I really haven't acted more than thinking about it~

Before- A little too simple after all.
One piece of advice that we always tell our clients is that we want to "shop" their house first before we purchase anything.  I thought I might try that with the laundry room--just for now to add some color but on a rock-bottom budget!

It actually was simple to do: I found this runner that I used in my foyer during college (it has just been sitting in my upstairs hall closet). The pattern adds interest into the room while the green/brown colors give me the punch of color that I was looking for. The brown in the rug also helps tie in the dark cabinetry.  Now it just  adds to my desire to paint the walls!

I added some flowers that we had around the house. I have become a tiny plant lady with them all over the house. By grouping them over the dryer, it helps declutter the rest of my house and add a touch of greenery and fragrance in the laundry room.

Now I'm thinking that I might have a new sewing project to create a small roman shade for the window in here.

So yes, by "shopping" your house, you can add a few things into a room and completely make it look fresh and new--for FREE!! (Of course, this is now going to cost me because I REALLY have the bug to paint and make a Roman Shade!!!)

Have you ever shopped your home to revamp an area? How did it turn out?

Cool Way to Look at the Stars

Everyone knows that I absolutely love to sit out and look at the stars-- in fact, the first time that Greg and I really talked, we were watching the stars and saw a shooting star!

Anywho, I need one of these!! How wonderful would it be for Greg and I to share our love for stars with little BB when he gets older!

I need to start saving $$$ now! ha!

Happy Father's Day to everyone!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pink Peonies and a Purse

I had a great squeal at the grocery store today--beautiful pink peonies!!!
My favorite- 
so of course I had to snag them!

I don't like to "arrange" peonies- I just cut them to size and let them fall into place in the vase. I think the randomness is sooo much prettier than perfectly arranged peonies!


A few months ago, I posted about a project that I had here.  I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but finally got around to taking pictures!

It might not be the best sewing job ever, but I'm proud of how it turned out since it was my first sewing project~~

Slowly but surely I am whittling away at my "to-do" list I posted back here and here.  How are your to-do's coming?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Had a Revelation.

So last week turned out to be QUITE eventful. Here's a quick summary of it all:

Last Monday and Tuesday:

Me to Greg "So do you want to find out what we are having?"
Greg  "I don't want to, but if it's that important to you, we can."
Me: "Well, I have gotten okay and excited about waiting, but it would be nice to know while planning the nursery. I will leave the decision up to you."
Greg : "We'll see"

Wednesday morning at the doctor's office:
Dr. "So are we still not finding out?"
Me: "It's up to Greg"
Greg "Well we aren't sure. Let's wait"
Dr. "Ok"
Dr. checks the brain, heart, etc.... "Ok, last chance, do you want to find out"
Greg looks at me and says lets do it.

The baby's face is sideways.. You can see the nose and then to the left is the mouth and then the chin. "It" had it's arm covering the eyes during this picture.

And we found out what our little one was. So I sprung into hyperdrive trying to figure out how we could tell our family together- at the same time. Because of we live so far away, asking everyone to come to our house was out of the question. So we decided to have a dinner party at a restaurant in Auburn (about the half-way point for all of us to meet) the next weekend. THEN I realized that my grandparents would be on their vacation and leaving THIS Saturday--THIS Friday night would be our only option for the party,

I had to throw a party in two days.

I jumped on the phone and hoped that everyone could be there at such late notice-- almost everyone was able to come and we were thrilled.

So Wednesday night I planned and planned and planned- cupcakes would be the surprise. In the center, we would have a spot of icing of the baby's gender color (blue or pink).

I wanted to play a few games just to entertain everyone while we waited for food and to keep the aniticipation up. After looking at different blogs and some advice from friends I came up with quick simple games that were a hit!

How many jellybeans? I had a jar of jellybeans M&M's that were pink and blue. Everyone had to guess how many pink and blue "jellybeans" that there were in the jar. We also told them that whichever color had more, was the gender of the baby. I never thought that this game would become so funny. People were grabbing the jar and shaking it up to see what color was more.

After salads and rolls, we played the next game. It was the old wives tale predicitions. We had an odd number of questions that are supposed to reveal the sex of the baby. Each question people guessed what they thought and then also gave their answer. After all said and done, the tally was Girl: 7 Boy: 6.

Playing the Wives Tale Game

Questions that were asked:
1.    Is the Heartbeat above 140?      
        Yes- Girl         No-Boy

2.    Are your cravings for sweet or salty?

       Sweet-Girl     Salty-Boy

3.    Has Greg gained weight along with you? *Everyone giggled at this one

       Yes-Girl          No-Boy

4.    Can you tell that you are pregnant all over or just in your belly?
*This became an interactive question
        Belly- Girl       All over-Boy

5.    Is your belly a watermelon or basketball?   *so did this one!                           

       Watermelon-Girl      Basketball-Boy

6.    Do you have acne now?          

       Yes-Girl          No-boy

7.    Do you have morning sickness?                                     

       Yes-Girl          No-Boy

8.    Are your legs more hairy than before?   *yeah, I know kinda gross                    

       No-Girl           Yes-Boy

9.    Do you sleep on your right or left side?                      

        Right-Girl       Left-Boy

10.      Are you moodier than before?      * This was a definite audience participation question, lol        

           Yes- Girl         No-Boy

11.      Do you dream of boys or girls?    

           Boys-Girl        Girls-Boy

12.      Show me your hands.                          

            Face down-girl   Face Up-Boy

13.      What do you think you are having? Most women are 71% right about what they are having.       

           Girl                  Boy

Yes, I tortured everyone into waiting until dessert until the reveal.  Everyone grabbed a cupcake and on the count of three bit into(while most people just cut the cupcake in half)

and saw BLUE!!!

It's a boy!!! This is the video we took and I will treasure this moment! So great!!

it's not uploading-- I will keep trying!

Afterwards, people asked us what we were going to name it---Greg and I thought it would be a funny joke to tell our families (most are BAMA fans) that we wanted to name him Cameron--let's just say this didn't go over well and I would give a million bucks to have a picture of my parents' faces!!! We QUICKLY told everyone it was a joke!

So what an amazing night it was! For anyone who is finding out what their little one will be, I HIGHLY recommend having a reveal party!