Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nursery Update

Here's what's been happening in the nursery:

Drapery fabric came in! (Don't pay attention to the 'covered' chair--it's being reupholstered soon)

Drapery rods ordered!

Paint color Selected!

and wonderful Daddy painting!

Some Furniture in the room...(again, ignore the chair) progress!

Greg installed the drapery and I love that we ended up using blackout lining. This window gets full southern sun all day and it can get HOT in here. I am also planning to make roman shades to finish out the window--this could get interesting, ha.

Bump growing bigger!

Only 11 weeks until we meet the lil' booger :) and I can't wait!!

So Here's my TO DO list for the nursery. We still have TONS to do, but I finally feel like we are making headway.
-Figure out furniture layout
-Parents deliver chest, chair, and bookcase
-Get chair recovered.
-Make Changing pad top for chest.
-Buy Glider.
-Buy Crib and mattress
-Select fabrics for bedding, drapery, and to recover chair.
-Have bedding made
-Drapery made and install
-Select paint color and paint
-Paint bookcase
-Art-- in progress

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Bookcases are like lizards--scary and hard to get past!  Whenever I go to decorate a bookcase, I ALWAYS start by looking at inspiration pictures for scale, clustering ideas, and how to not make it look cluttered, but full.

Here are some fool-proof tips when it comes to those pesky bookcases...

Blank Canvas
Pull everything off your bookcase and stack things into piles-- books by color and size and then the accessories. This way you can see your space with fresh eyes and get a good look at the proportions of books, pictures, accessories, etc. that you had on the bookcase. What do you need more of? Less of?
What to put on your bookcase:

Collection Pieces
The possibilities are endless!

Use What you Love
Look to your hobbies and interests for inspiration. Take a look at things around your house and make sure to display those pieces that have meaning to you.

-If you have a collection--GREAT! But remember if you have millions of pieces, it might be best to pull just your favorites out and show a small portion of your collection. From time to time, you can then change out those pieces for a fresh look!
This bookcase is WAY to cluttered-- you can't decipher one piece from the next! It's better to choose just a handful and display them in a unique way so that they stand out more!

Play with size and shapes!
-Pull together different sizes and shapes of frames for pictures and even include some art to add more color to the bookcase.

-Don't use all small accessories- that tends to make your bookcase look cluttered alot faster! Make sure to have a few pieces that are larger that take up visual space without looking cluttered!

-Varying heights is important too! But remember if you have several accessories that are the same height, you can always build them up by stacking books or boxes underneath a few of them!

It's good to keep things symmetrical- but remember, you don't have to! I like to have most things symmetrical, but then have a few things "off" a bit to add interest.

There are a million ways to display books. Here are some current trends...

Color Blocking

Stacks and Standing

Wrapping books in matching paper.

So the process is easy once you have everything that you want at your fingertips!

-Books go first. Arrange them on the shelves as you like them. Play with numbers, heights, and widths.
-Then add your larger accessories-- candles, baskets for storage, larger pictures/art, etc..
-Next comes the smaller items- pictures, figurines, etc..

Stand back and admire your new beautiful, styled but-uncluttered  bookcase!

Here are some images that I came upon that I loved!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spaceship House could be yours!

So last night, bored out of my mind I started watching the new game show before America's Got Talent.  I didn't enjoy it, but about had a cow when I saw a house on the show that I drive by at least once a week!

It is up on Signal Mountain and is definitely interesting! A local guy bought it a few years ago and has turned it into a rental property..

If you are ever in the Chattanooga area and want to live like the Jetsons, check it out!

Spaceship House

Here's a link to some other funky houses around the world.
Unusuall Homes


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best part of July!

No, not because it's my birthday, but because my birthday is ALWAYS during Atlanta Market.

Quick recap of my bday:   Although I had to be at work, it was, surprisingly, a laid-back Friday. The phones didn't ring much and I didn't have any fires to fight!! I was able to get my office organized after a couple of weeks of chaos and get a little CAD work done.

My office looked like a florists at the end of the day-- I feel so loved!!
Then I got treated to my favorite restaurant by my favorite man!


My night was topped off with a back rub-- HEAVEN to any girl that's pregnant!!!

Saturday, I met my Mom at Market to play. Here are some highlights!

I love World's Away and am so excited that they have introduced some funky colors into their line.

And how about this glass desk- Bananas!

I always love Cyan's creative touch!

These fun poufs are from Surya rugs.

Check it out--- finally decided on a nursery chair from LEE! Now I just have to wait a month for this lil' pup!

Tritter Feffer is one of my favorites! If you happen to meet ML, she is amazing!!! They also are showing at the HD expo this year-- which is a SUPER big achievement--only those invited can show on this floor!

Loved my weekend! Oh yeah, I drug Greg to see this...
it was fantastic...
Hope you guys had a great weekend too!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Call me an Artist...part 1

Ha! At least, I would like to think of myself that way!

So as any other design project starts, I was given came up with a budget for BB's nursery. Being a fairly newly-wed, let's say our budget was less than ideal. But I have found bargains along the way that have truly helped as well as having VERY generous parents to help out~

One of the categories that I had a skimpy budget on was art. I am not artist, but I enjoy painting and thought that I could make some of the art for his room.

For the first set of paintings, I looked to my drapery fabric for inspiration....

These little birdies spoke to me!

I began by sketching them on 6" x 6" canvases.

Then I took a good afternoon to paint these little chirpers.

Because of the other art grouping I am doing, I wanted to add a little more "umph" to these lil' darlings. So I decided to do a decorative ribbon on the edge like so

and plan to hang them in the room with ribbons and a funky button similar to this.

(We haven't painted yet, so the final picture will have to wait for the big reveal!!)