Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best part of July!

No, not because it's my birthday, but because my birthday is ALWAYS during Atlanta Market.

Quick recap of my bday:   Although I had to be at work, it was, surprisingly, a laid-back Friday. The phones didn't ring much and I didn't have any fires to fight!! I was able to get my office organized after a couple of weeks of chaos and get a little CAD work done.

My office looked like a florists at the end of the day-- I feel so loved!!
Then I got treated to my favorite restaurant by my favorite man!


My night was topped off with a back rub-- HEAVEN to any girl that's pregnant!!!

Saturday, I met my Mom at Market to play. Here are some highlights!

I love World's Away and am so excited that they have introduced some funky colors into their line.

And how about this glass desk- Bananas!

I always love Cyan's creative touch!

These fun poufs are from Surya rugs.

Check it out--- finally decided on a nursery chair from LEE! Now I just have to wait a month for this lil' pup!

Tritter Feffer is one of my favorites! If you happen to meet ML, she is amazing!!! They also are showing at the HD expo this year-- which is a SUPER big achievement--only those invited can show on this floor!

Loved my weekend! Oh yeah, I drug Greg to see this...
it was fantastic...
Hope you guys had a great weekend too!


  1. what fabric did you get for your chair in the nursery? those poufs
    are pretty snaz.

  2. Although a little boring, I ended up going with just an off white that felt really good and was able to be spot cleaned. I wanted to be able to move it out of the nursery in a year or so and being off white, I can put it in any room!

    I also have a lot of pattern in the room and wanted to keep some level of sanity in there! ha! Plus one great pillow can jazz it all up!

    Yeah- Im loving the poufs too!