Thursday, December 30, 2010

Say Goodbye to 2010!

What a wonderful year 2010 has been for us! I couldn't think of a better way to do my last post of the year than by a photo montage of our year....(pretend to hear the song "I've Had the Time of my Life" playing in the background, ha!)

Our tiny little apartment that we lived only 2 short months in before we moved up to Dalton!
Our front door, hate that it's blurry!

Our TINY kitchen!
Our TINY tree.

We moved into our apartment in Dalton in the freezing cold, it actually snowed on us as we unpacked the uhaul!

A couple of months after we moved to Dalton, we started a BIG project....

 Then we decided we could be handy and hang the drywall in our bonus room ourselves....

NOT doing that again! We had someone mud/tape and finish out the drywall. We then chose to paint the room. The walls were easy, but the ceiling was very difficult! We used a flat enamel paint and I was extremely happy with the results!

Greg installed the lights and wired the room for surround sound. (This will be his Man Room). Now all we need to do is install the carpet, door, and trim!

We enjoyed our summer in the did our pets!

While I waited for an interior design job to open up, my in-laws asked me to design their master bath remodel.

In Progress
We are soooo close to being done!

Greg and I went on our 1 year anniversary trip in October. We took an 8-day cruise in the Carribbean--it was wonderful!!

Oprah's House in Antigua

We were blessed to go to the BEST game Auburn played in 2010 and sat in the Bama section!!! We got to see this...
taken by the one and only Mery McMillan :)

and this...

Then the best part of the year-- I got a real job! woo hoo!

Christmas came around and although, we didn't go crazy with decorations, I thoroughly enjoyed having a new home to celebrate in!

Then on Christmas day, our house got almost 4" of snow!! Although we were warm and toasty in South Alabama, our wonderful neighbors snapped this photo for us!

Now, as I am finishing up this post, I am decorating our house for New Years!! We have SEVEN people staying with us for the weekend to celebrate! It is going to be a blast! (I just hope our hot water heater is ready for 9 people, ha!!)

I LOVE decorating for New Years--it's one holiday that I can use super tacky-decorations everywhere and not have to apologize for it later! haha!

Our hats, tiaras, and champagne flutes for the weekend!

To you and yours...I hope you have had a wonderful 2010 and an even better 2011!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Warmth of Sunshine

On cold days like today, I wish I lived in this picture.

Can't you just feel the warm sun on your face as you sit here while looking out the open window, drinking wine, and listening to the birds chirp!!

Only a few more months...


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Monday, December 27, 2010

"Elegant, Tailored, Understated"

In my last post, I described one of the four color schemes for 2011. Check it out if you missed it...

The next color scheme is described by Sherwin Williams as "elegant, tailored, refined". The design concept for this personality is a rebellion from manufacturers and wants American-made trade- hand made items. They love natural fabrics, classic lines, and organic colors.

Atelier entails everything this style is about.

Painting of Cezanne's studio.

It is pure and raw with a sense of refined glitz and glamour.
A Pheobe Howard design.

Velvets, silks, and linens fit perfectly in the design.

Furniture that is warn and custom looking are just what this design style is all about.
Restoration Hardware.
Restoration Hardware

The colors of the room also are restrained and elegant. They are beautiful backgrounds to unique pieces of furniture.

Zentique @ High Point: October Market

Zentique @ High Point: October Market

Natural elegance of a timeless look.

 Here's the Color Palette:

 Click here to go to Sherwin-Williams web site.

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