Monday, October 31, 2011

Update on my To-Do's of 2011

As part of my 'New Year's Resolution' I came up with my To-Do list. You can see that here....

Then I updated the list to incorporate the little one on the way. You can see that one here....

So here's how I'm doing on my lists.

  • Get Published (a carry-over from 2010). Check!
I can't say much about this yet-- but good news in the upcoming weeks~
(hint hint)

  • Finish our Bonus Room. Half-Check!
I am happy to say that we are well on our way to this goal getting complete! I still want to create a better organized office area- but maybe that can be a maternity leave project! 

We still have to install a fan, rug, and accessories. Art is being framed at the moment and hopefully we can hang them in the coming weeks. I plan to make a matching Roman shade to the drapery panels-- again another maternity leave project?

  • Kitchen Backsplash 

--This is on hold for now-- maybe Christmas present?

  • Wallpaper the Powder Bath.

--I am still looking for that perfect wallpaper to go in there. I want something dramatic, but not overwhelming because it is a pretty small room.

I have a pretty good idea of another maternity leave project in the's a hint.

  •  Make Roman Shades for our bathroom.  

Still hasn't happened. I can't find a fabric that I like with the wall color-- maybe it's time for a new wall color :)

  • ART.  Half-Check!

We have finally bit the bullet and decided to put holes in our walls. Everything is still in progress, but finally looking like a home!

  • Furniture. Check!
We actually did more for this category than I thought that we would. 

We now have our sectional-- that we are obsessed with! We then moved the old sofa upstairs to the bonus room. 

We got this bed at an incredible price 

and the metal coffee table. 

Bought this kitchen table-- which still needs to be refinished. And these dining chairs.

  • Make an upholstered headboard Check!--sorta
  •  This is no longer on the list since we bought our bed. So easy check-off!

  • Work on the screened-in porch.

Not much has changed here. A few cushions are here, but that's about it-- I can't wait to get a real table out here, maybe one will be on a ridiculous sale soon and we can grab one!

  •  Get our backyard functional!
(I'm too embarrassed to put a picture of our backyard on here!) 

Again, nothing has changed here- in fact, it's probably worse than before. We have decided that this will be a spring project for us and hopefully will get it done for Mr. Brodie to play in!

  •  Design a Gender Neutral nursery- Check!

Well, it's not gender neutral-- but it's done!

  • Guest Bedroom Refresh-Half-Check!

We are 90% done with this-- Now I just have to find a chest and a chair and this room is finito!
  •   Paint. Check!

This is something that I have really enjoyed doing this year. I am by no means a professional, but I do enjoy to paint.

  •  Paint my Laundry room.

Well this hasn't happened yet, but I did 'accessorize' it and get SOME color in there. Maybe another maternity leave project?

How are your to-do lists going?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nursery Design

I started out playing around the the furniture configuration. I used basic furniture pieces in the drawing, so it looks more cramped in the drawing than what it will end up being.

After I had the layout down, it was time to find the furniture!

My parents were gracious enough to let us have furniture that was in my old room before I went to college. They delivered the pieces to us when they came up for the 4th of July and everything worked perfectly!

And of course, we got this crib for a great deal because it was a floor sample.

Next came the big debacle of fabrics...after months of planning, I changed my design scheme and started fresh-- check it out here.

My wonderful Dad built this bookcase for the room, unfortunately I told him to paint it in a color that went with the old color scheme--so we Greg had to repaint it!

Everything started rolling from there: Drapery fabric came in and we selected a paint color.

I ended up mixing my own color that I called "Brockzilla" because Brodie wouldn't stop kicking the whole time I was playing with paints.

Then his Daddy got to work painting.

And then came the drapery!

Then my wonderful swivel glider-it's SO comfy!

I made these little critters to go over the crib.

Next was my DIY box-pleated crib skirt.

Found some great deals on accessories and used a few things I had around the house until I find that something "perfect".

My mom then made the pillows and bumper pad.

We were finally able to finish our art projects since Mr. Brodie is here. Let me tell you, it was a feat to get this done, but I am super happy with the results! (It's of Greg, Mine, and Brodie's hand print)

Here is the "almost finished" product. We are about 98% done. What do you think?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Website Update

Hey Guys!

Check out my website and let me know what you think-- It has been refreshed!

Whitney Brock Interior Design

Here are some pics of the living room that I just added to the website.