Sunday, January 9, 2011

Design To-Do's 2011

Most people make resolutions every New Years, I don't. Last year, I decided to make a "to-do" list for my year. It was of goals that I wanted to make and of things that I always said I wanted to do, but never did. Out of the ten things on the list, I accomplished eight. Not to bad compared to how I usually fail miserably with the resolutions!

So I have created a DESIGN To-Do list for 2011. Let's see what I can get accomplished this year!!

1. Get Published (a carry-over from 2010).

Now that I have a few projects under my belt, I want to get my projects professionally photographed. I plan to send these out to many magazines and hope one, or two, bite.

2. Finish our Bonus Room. All we need to do is...

-Carpet (hopefully getting installed this week!)
-Trim- Base moulding and window trim. (we decided to not put crown moulding because of  all the angles in the room)
-Fan/Small Chandelier
Tracy Glover Light

-Drapery (I plan to put my new sewing machine to good use this year!)
-FURNITURE--this is going to be our football game room/man cave so BIG, durable furniture is a must!

3. Put this...


Pictures before we moved in.

and here.
Old Picture!!

4. Wallpaper the Powder Bath. Now to just decide on ONE paper, geez

5. Make Roman Shades for our bathroom. Possibly with this fabric...
Duralee Fabric.

6. ART. I love my home, but our walls are so bare. I hope to get a few great pieces of art this year and start bringing this house to life!

7. Furniture. Another department that my house is lacking in. Hopefully we can upgrade some of our furniture and introduce a few new pieces into our home this year.

Lee Industries
Lee Industries

8. Work on the screened-in porch. We love entertaining outside and eating outside, so this area needs some sprucing up--and a dining table might be nice too!

9. Get our backyard functional! Hopefully lay sod and maybe a little landscaping too!

10.Make an upholstered headboard for our master bedroom. I want to make it fit a king, although we have a queen right now--hopefully a new mattress is in store for this year too!

Wow. After putting this all on paper, it slightly stresses me out, but hey, I got 356 days left to do it all!

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