Friday, January 14, 2011

Exciting Happenings at the Casa

I am so excited to show you everything going on this weekend at the house!

Several months back, I went shopping in Dothan, AL with my mom. There is this great store where I got some of the best deals on furniture! The best part is that this store supports and gives jobs to those who are mentally or physically disabled. This is such a great concept--so many neat finds at this store that helps those in need- who doesn't want to shop there!

So here's what we got...

 Although it's more traditional than I normally go for, I really like this bed and plan to modernize it with some great bedding! (plus for $200, who could pass up a queen size bed?)


  And this cocktail table....

(This isn't the exact cocktail table that we
bought, but you get the idea!)

My parents are coming up for the weekend and are bringing these goodies with them! I can't wait to get them in the house! The bed has to wait to be revealed until the bonus room is finished and we can move the tv and desk out of the front bedroom and into the bonus room. But...

Next in line this weekend is putting up trim and base moulding in the bonus room.
While Mama and I are off to market in Atlanta, Daddy and Greg are going to be hard at work with the moulding!

Trim Color:
White Chocolate from Benjamin Moore

Sometime next week the carpet will be installed in the bonus room. This is the carpet we have selected!
Bonus Room Carpet

Wall Color

Next comes a fan and light. I have picked them out, now it is just to order them!
We had to get a "hugger" fan because of the low ceilings and Greg being so tall. This isn't my favorite fan, but it's got the look we are going for in the room.

There are a few more goodies being picked up this weekend- you will just have to come back next week and see the "results" pictures!


  1. ok this is totally random, but if you happened to find that fan at Shades of Light (love them and they have alot of fun ceiling fans), then I have a great coupon code right now that you are more than welcome to use when you get ready to order! So excited to see your big reveal. And I cannot believe you found a bed for $200 !! holy cow!

  2. Thanks for the offer! I just looked and saw one that is very similar! It is more expensive than the one I have selected, but not much more. How much is the coupon for? Are you sure you wouldn't mind sharing with me?

    Yeah, I was stoked about the bed. It's solid wood too! There are a few nicks here and there, but nothing I can't overlook for that price!!

    Hope you are doing well!