Friday, April 27, 2012

Only a Year Ago

April 27th. A day that will always be something that I think back on and know that God has his hand in everything.
April 27th Storms behind our home

We were truly blessed to barely escape the devastation that rocked our little town as well as the rest of the South just one year ago.

Greg, me, little "BB" we did not know what we were having yet, Lola and Miss Pearl (dog and cat) were all cramped in our powder bath with immediate supplies and things to dig ourselves out in case of the worst. Little did we know that it had gotten that bad just at the bottom of the hill.

It was a surreal day and the most scared that I had ever been. The moment I heard about Tuscaloosa, I knew it was headed for us. I don't know what to call it except intuition, but I get these 'feelings' every now and then and I have learned to trust them. That 'feeling' that day was sheer terror and fear of the worst.

God led us through that fear and protected us during the storm. I am so thankful because I have had the best year since then. Becoming a mom and getting to watch that little child grow. I love watching him learn with everything that he does. It is such a joy to be a mom and I am grateful that God has given me this opportunity to raise this little man.

I pray that everyone that was directly impacted from these storms have been able to mend and are on the path of recovery and getting back to their old lives as best they can.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to enjoy every minute, we aren't guaranteed our next!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

NEED this chair!

I ran across this picture on one of my blogs--

Holy Moly! I NEED this chair!

Anyone know where it comes from?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A couple of weeks, months ago I was going through my daily blog reads and saw that Burlap and Blue was having a HUGE giveaway. I NEVER win anything, but thought what the hay...

A few days later..

Shut the front door really?

I then started getting all these goodies in the mail!

Christine Marie Studio's beautiful bracelet!
I don't have much gold jewelry but am so excited to finally be building up that part of my collection.

Love Elaine's adorable aprons
Image Via Love Elaine's Etsy Website
I got two girls' sized for our neighbors' little girls. They have an Easy Bake Oven and I could not think of anyone else that would love these more!  They are great quality and definitely ones to keep in mind when I have a little girl!

Sutton Place Pillows- 

They are embroidered and will look great on my front porch for the spring and summer.

This is an adorable necklace that lets me keep Brodie with me all day long.

The Covered Porch-
I finally got stationary of my own from here! She even gave me the cutest notepad for Brodie!

Stay tuned to see the other goodies that I got!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bunk Beds

I have been MIA has been much longer than I expected. Easter snuck up on me and we have had company for the past few weeks so...NO headboard yet, ALMOST done with my website, and NO posts for the last week or so.

I don't know why but I seem to have an obsession with bunk beds on pinterest. We don't have room for them in our house, so again, I'm clueless why I am pinning them.

Maybe it is because a couple of years ago, I was planning a boys bedroom for three boys in a 15' x 13' room with three windows on two walls. Talk about packed!!!

I ended up designing a custom built bed that had storage underneath the mattresses and 'towers' that were bookcases and trophy displays along with outlets and lighting.

They had two older boys that were going to share the 'bonus' room as their bedroom. Again, with custom beds, they would both have their own side of the room that could coordinate- yet be different. There was a bookcase headboard that separated the room and allowed light from the window to fill the room. It had storage/outlets for cell phones, alarm clocks, etc...

What a task! Unfortunately, these never came to life. The clients decided to move into a larger home that the boys could truly grow into rather than grow out of this house.
Maybe its because I grew up always wanting them and never got them.

All of the following images are from my pinterest boards.

Did you have bunk beds as a kid? How about your kids- do they have them?