Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nursery Update

Here's what's been happening in the nursery:

Drapery fabric came in! (Don't pay attention to the 'covered' chair--it's being reupholstered soon)

Drapery rods ordered!

Paint color Selected!

and wonderful Daddy painting!

Some Furniture in the room...(again, ignore the chair) progress!

Greg installed the drapery and I love that we ended up using blackout lining. This window gets full southern sun all day and it can get HOT in here. I am also planning to make roman shades to finish out the window--this could get interesting, ha.

Bump growing bigger!

Only 11 weeks until we meet the lil' booger :) and I can't wait!!

So Here's my TO DO list for the nursery. We still have TONS to do, but I finally feel like we are making headway.
-Figure out furniture layout
-Parents deliver chest, chair, and bookcase
-Get chair recovered.
-Make Changing pad top for chest.
-Buy Glider.
-Buy Crib and mattress
-Select fabrics for bedding, drapery, and to recover chair.
-Have bedding made
-Drapery made and install
-Select paint color and paint
-Paint bookcase
-Art-- in progress

Have a great weekend!

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