Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skirt or Bare Leggin' It?

After a  fight discussion with Greg, we have decided that part of our First-Time Home buyers money will go to getting a large sectional for our family room.--Yes we have been here a year and still waiting on that money!!, but that's another story!!--

We originally thought we would lay sod and get a fence installed in the backyard, but have decided that they are other things that are more important than the fence right now. Since we will have plenty of people in our home in the next few months, we want to have plenty of seating for everyone. Right now we can seat 5 (not very comfortably) in there without problems, but no more!
Old picture, but you can see that we have no furniture in there and tall ceilings!

So here's the dilemma.


This is the sofa version of the sectional--it's the only picture of the skirt for this style I could find.

Or no skirt?
This is basically the configuration we will get, just without the Chaise.
If you can't tell, these are the same sofa- just different configuration. The configuration will be just an L-shape but I can't decide whether to do a skirt or legs. 

What are your opinions? Pros and Cons of each? Really need some help on this idea.

Isn't it funny that  I can make a decision for a client, but when it comes to me, I get all nervous and sweaty, ha!

Thanks for all of the advice!!


  1. Keep in mind that you'll have a baby crawling/walking around this soon. I would probably lean toward no skirt.

  2. Very true! Thanks!

    I also forgot to mention that it will be in a charcoal gray fabric!

  3. Well, toys and all sorts of baby stuff will be all over your house soon... no skirt would give you the option of seeing what is under the couch, any mess or kid crumbs so you know where to clean. But if you have a skirt it may keep balls and toys from rolling under the couch and keep things in plain sight. We have a skirt and it does keep toys from going under the couch. Touch choice :) Either way it will look wonderful and will be great for you and baby B to have a nice space to relax and spread out :)

  4. I would not put a skirt on it. From the rest of your blogs, you like transitional things. A skirt will make it feel more traditional.

  5. Leigh Ann HarrisJune 30, 2011 at 9:03 PM

    I would go WITH the skirt. I like a mix of skirted and unskirted furniture in a room. Plus, you have hardwood floors, a wood bookcase, a wooden coffee table, and chairs with wooden legs--that's a lot of wood! Change it up!

    Plus, when I was little, we stored board games and puzzles under our sofa! So, a skirt can equal extra storage!

    Good Luck!!

    Leigh Ann