Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting a big bang without Emptying your Pockets!

A couple of months ago, I worked on a small project for a young couple and LOVE the end results!!

They are a newly married couple with a young daughter. They bought a very cool 60's Brady Bunch style house and have kept a modern 60's vibe to the home. They have slowly been updating their home, but needed help when it came to their kitchen.

If I had to describe their old kitchen in one word it would be YELLOW.

From the cabinets, to the countertops, to the walls, to the backsplash--everything was an acid yellow. I honestly don't know HOW they waited this long to rid the room of yellow.

They had a small budget and didn't know what they wanted. They originally wanted soft creams and whites with a granite top. Although we love this look, my boss and I knew that they were too hip and young for a cream kitchen.

Here's what we proposed:

Glass tile backsplash. The tile is mainly beige/white and gray/black with an iridescent finish that adds a hint of blue and green.

Simple Veining Granite-- when trying to save on a kitchen, by using a less exotic vein, you can save a lot of money

Wall color:
ICI Falling Rain

Cabinet/Trim color:

ICI White Room

Drapery Fabric:

Although we kept the expensive pieces more neutral- we made sure that they had a punch of pattern to keep it interesting.

One EASY way to keep costs down in a kitchen remodel is keeping your cabinets. With this client, we simply sanded them down and repainted them.  The hardware was original to the house and had a quite unique look, so those even stayed!

Process Pictures:


For WELL under $10,000 this couple got a young, hip kitchen that fits their lifestyle and the style of the house!

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