Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Help a Girl Out

I was reading my daily blogs this morning and this one touched my heart. I can't do much, but passing the word along for more prayers is better than anything else that I can do.  Please say a prayer for her.  Here's the blog.

July 6, 2011

Many, Many Prayers Needed. Especially Yours.

I generally keep my blog pretty light hearted and upbeat, but today I have a pretty big request of you all.  One of my oldest and dearest friends needs some prayers in a major way.  It's the most heart wrenching story, one that I'll spare you most of the details, of a young woman with cancer. 

My story with Amanda begins when we were kids.  We grew up together in the same small town and were close friends all throughout school.  Many, many memories.  Countless really.  We both went to college at Indiana University and were roomies for 3 of those 4 years.  After college graduation Amanda married and started a family in Indiana.  Even though I moved to Charleston she and I have remained close in that sacred "we'll be friends forever" sort of way that only really good friends can have.

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In April of 2011 Amanda, along with her husband Aaron and their two daugthers Ava and Ella, welcomed baby Nolan to the world.  The pregnancy had been one that was extremely difficult and painful due to a fibroid and a lymph node the size of a canteloupe and a grapefruit.  In May, about one month after Nolan's birth, we learned that Amanda has cancer.  After numerous tests and surgeries and a recent trip to MD Anderson in Houston, the cancer has been determined to be UTROSCT.  UTROSCT is an extremely rare form of cancer which stands for Uterine Tumor Resembling Ovarian Sex Chord Tumor.  Googling will pull up very little.  Sadly, it has already spread to her sacrum, breast, rib and skull.  To make this whole situation even more cruel, Amanda is experiencing unbearable pain.  But you wouldn't know, I've not once heard her complain about it.  She began carboplatin/taxol chemo treatment yesterday, but it is a very hard road ahead, one that is in God's hands.

Because this cancer is so incredibly rare, they're pretty much throwing darts at a treatment.  If you happen to have any information on UTROSCT (maybe you or someone you know has it) please contact me.  Likewise, if you know or happen to be an OB oncologist, please get in touch with me.  Any information would be helpful at this point.  You can visit Amanda's Caring Bridge page to learn more about her condition.

I humbly ask that you please take time out of your day to say a prayer for my friend Amanda, her family, her doctors, and for her strength.  I assure you that this amazing woman and her beautiful family are worth every second of your time.  And if you feel the need to do more, please share this post.  You never know who might see it and how it could help.


  1. You're amazing, Whitney. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I will pray for her and her family!

    I'd also like to share a website and teachings that have helped me, and may help her! It is from Andrew Wommack.


    God has already healed us of cancer - if we believe and allow ourselves to receive it! I pray she does, and finds her healing of this awful disease.