Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Guest Switch-a-Roo

As I have mentioned in a few other posts, here, here, and here, we moved the guest room into our smaller bedroom upstairs to make room for BB's nursery. One of my goals has been to update the new guest room and get it totally finished for our wonderful future babysitters guests.

Here's the room before we changed it to the guest room. (It was a lovely, junky office)

Then when the big switch-a-roo happened...(still have the black from Greg's college bachelor's days drapery in there with that horrible excuse for a nightstand table, ha!)

So here's the game plan...

My Guest Room Checklist
-Install fan with light kit and wall control I don't like fans, but I want our guests comfy while they are here!
-New draperies and hardware
-New, TALLER nightstand
-New lamps (revamping old ones!)
-Chest for clothing (daily watch on Craigslist for this!)
-TV and DVD (since we don't have cable in that room, at least it will give our guests something to fall asleep to)
-Small chair-- every bedroom needs a chair to sit in while putting on shoes!
-Art (in progress!) to go on this wall...

Before: Nasty "boob" light as Tommy (Sarah's House) calls them. After: simple, white fan to keep our guests happy!

Here's what it looks like today:  I got the night stand at Home Goods. It was a perfect fit--and big surprise! As usual, I went in to waste time and walked out with a buggy full! Ha!

So I'm half way through my guest room refresh and I am pretty pumped at the way it is turning out!  What do you think?!!


  1. Hi! I found your blog while reading Emily's. I love the guest room -- great colors and that green headboard is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for checking my site out Sandra! I love this headboard too! It was a looong weekend project, but very much worth it! We made it almost 6 years ago and couldn't have asked it to hold up any better!