Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happenings this week....

This weekend Greg and I moved our guest bed and headboard into the front room.

Wow, is this room smaller! But, this is a blessing in disguise! We want to make this room super inviting and have everything our guests need---since they will be staying several days at a time to help out with BB. Being a smaller room, we need less things!

All we need is another nightstand, a dresser and tv, and new drapery.  I want to refinish the nightstand that we have now and possibly add a small chair and the room will be done!

So here's the nursery is empty for now.

But wait, we bought something to finally have proof that a baby is on the way!

Ta da!!!!

Let's just say we went on a shopping spree today. We had found the stroller and car seat that we wanted several months ago, but didn't want to fork up all the change for it. Plus if we got this, we weren't sure what else people might want to buy for gifts (shallow, I know--but really? Do you know how much stuff Baby needs?)

Well, when we were buying the crib, we saw that our beloved stroller had a sale going on--buy the stroller and get the car seat free- I mean holy moly! Saving over $200 for something I really want? Yes please! But they only had a few strollers left and the manufacturer ran out of stock because of this deal--so what the store had was all that was left, decision made--we walked out the door with this....


So we are almost at the half way mark and there's finally a bump that looks like a BABY bump, not that I ate too many tacos!

Can't wait to get started on the rest of the nursery!!!

We are having a garage sale today, so hopefully we can get some dolla-dolla-bills-yall to get everything else rolling!

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  1. Looking good! Great pick on the car seat and stroller and what a good deal! And I like the crib you picked out!