Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Decision Time!

I have been looking and looking since the day we found out that we are pregnant for a crib. I am down to two and can't make up my mind.

Which would you choose?

Here are my list of wants for the crib:
-Gender Neutral
-Modern without feeling harsh
-Didn't want the style with a headboard/footboard look.
-Low profile so that my short self could reach baby- even with mattress at the lowest level.
-Bright white to soft white
-Not to fussy
-Sturdy--can last for more than one baby
-Something that clean lined furniture can look good with.

Without further ado... here are the top 2!

Stanley Furniture Crib

Pros: Great look, know it is good quality, good size, no exposed screws

Cons: more expensive, thick base does not show off bed skirt well, side rails a TAD wobbly, won't ship until August

My cost: about $600 plus shipping

AP Industries
Better Detailed Picture of the Crib (shown in off white)

Pros: This is a floor model, so it is bargain priced!!!!, Can have it put together tonight!!, VERY sturdy, good look, nice details, side rails are great height for me, has the modern flair that I like

Cons: Floor model- in good condition, but people have touched it, the feet are not as substantial looking as option 1, is this a look I will like for the next baby SEVERAL years away?, screws are exposed on sides.

My cost: $295 (regular $595) and it comes home with me today!

So Cast your Votes!!! 
Who's gonna win? #1 or #2???


  1. #2 Definitely more modern looking--plus who can beat that price?

  2. It sounds like you are already leaning toward one, based on the way you wrote your pros and cons list lol! I definitely think you are leaning toward # 2,and I agree totally! It actually looks more expensive then option 1 oddly enough, especially seeing it in that sample room. It will feature the crib skirt, which is the sweetest part of baby bedding, plus it is cheaper and you can go home with it today. What's not to love!

  3. I'm a big fan of #2!

  4. They are both beautiful, but I think #2 is the winner!

  5. Number 2 you can saw the feet of it and put ones that you love on! Easy and cheap!