Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Which Nursery?

So as I begin to plan the nursery, I have the first dilemma...which bedroom to use as the nursery!  I originally planned to use our front "guest" bedroom for the nursery.
Only picture of the front room. 

It is smaller than the other, but has a better closet. The other guest room is much larger and looks out the back of the house to the green space and not the road, but has a much less usable closet.
Picture of unfinished back bedroom.

Back "guest" bedroom as it is now....

My question to you...
Do I use the larger room with the smaller closet or the smaller room with the better closet?


  1. If it is a boy, use the bigger room and smaller closet. He will need the room to play. If it is a girl, she will need the closet. :)

  2. Larger room with the smaller closet! (Unless it's further away from your room). Then you'll have more space for a changing table, seating, the crib and another nice piece of furniture. I don't really know much about nursery needs but it seems like you'll enjoy having more room and won't need much of a closet for a baby. (Again I could be wrong).

    Good luck, I can't wait to see how it goes!!!

  3. im with her on the larger room. You can always have bookshelves and furniture for what you cant fit in the closet.