Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring'n into Action!

Well, I have hit 13 weeks and am beginning to feel MUCH better (and the first weird craving has hit me--cottage cheese and tomatoes)! Not to mention, tons of more energy and excitement about BB.
Yummy recipe here....

Although we spilled the beans early in the pregnancy, I still chose to wait to start buying things until the risky first trimester was over, well, I almost made it that long without buying anything. Last week, I made my first baby purchase.....

My wonderful parents came in town this weekend and I got to spend some much needed quality time with them. Mama insisted on shopping for maternity clothes. Anyone who knows me knows I hate clothes shopping. Well, I lucked out! The style this season is flowy tops and leggings, pretty dresses, and colorful tops! I bought tons of clothes, luckily I only had to buy a few maternity clothes! Most of the everyday things were flowy enough, I just got the next size up.
Cute as Regular clothes, GREAT maternity look!

While Mama was in town, she helped me get started on a purse pattern that she gave me for Christmas--I was too afraid to start this project without her. As of today, everything is cut out and ready..now to start sewing. Maybe that will happen this week.
Purse I am making is similar to this.
in these fabrics

I also made a decision on which room to make BB's room. We are going to move all of our guest bedroom into our smaller front bedroom and use the room with the bright sunlight and larger room for BB. Now that THAT decision has been made, I am ready to begin cleaning out closets and organizing....just in time to prepare for our neighborhood yard sale at the beginning of May. Hopefully, I can sell tons of things to get more room and to help pay for all of BB's things that I know I will just HAVE to HAVE.

Mama and I worked on selecting fabrics for the crib and chair. We have several that we really like and now are just working out the plans of what goes where and looking for one or two more fabrics! Here's a sneak peek of my favorite fabric!

What all do you guys have on your 'list' of projects this week?

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