Monday, June 20, 2011

Laundry Room Revamp

For several months, I have wanted to "spice-up" our laundry room. Right now, it's a bunch of white and creams with espresso cabinets- just like I wanted it when we moved in last year, only now I have changed my mind.

Before--A Crisp Laundry Room-just like I wanted it.

I have toyed with ideas of painting the walls green, or adding wallpaper, or putting a back splash behind the washer/dryer. Since we are trying to save up for our new adventure as parents, I really haven't acted more than thinking about it~

Before- A little too simple after all.
One piece of advice that we always tell our clients is that we want to "shop" their house first before we purchase anything.  I thought I might try that with the laundry room--just for now to add some color but on a rock-bottom budget!

It actually was simple to do: I found this runner that I used in my foyer during college (it has just been sitting in my upstairs hall closet). The pattern adds interest into the room while the green/brown colors give me the punch of color that I was looking for. The brown in the rug also helps tie in the dark cabinetry.  Now it just  adds to my desire to paint the walls!

I added some flowers that we had around the house. I have become a tiny plant lady with them all over the house. By grouping them over the dryer, it helps declutter the rest of my house and add a touch of greenery and fragrance in the laundry room.

Now I'm thinking that I might have a new sewing project to create a small roman shade for the window in here.

So yes, by "shopping" your house, you can add a few things into a room and completely make it look fresh and new--for FREE!! (Of course, this is now going to cost me because I REALLY have the bug to paint and make a Roman Shade!!!)

Have you ever shopped your home to revamp an area? How did it turn out?

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