Friday, June 24, 2011

Giddy as a School Girl!

Last post, I told you about this great couple that we are working with! I wanted to update you with some room shots!

Way back when, (day 2 on the job!) one of my first design jobs was selecting and designing the fabrics in the guest bedroom for this couple. They wanted something young, funky, and bright. The husband LOVES orange- so we jumped on the Orange train and went to town!

The bed was the clients and Hank had already selected the remaining furniture for the room. I was able to design the bedding, drapery, and the small side chair. I LOVED this project. I am ecstatic how it turned out!

It turned out to be lively and fresh, just perfect! We are 90% done. All we need are a little accessories, art and these bad boys on the nightstands!!
Tracy Glover Hand-Blown Lamps

Here are a couple of sneaks of the bedding, bench, antelope rug, and mother of pearl wall tile in the master bedroom. It's pretty yummy!


  1. congrats for your lovely blog! it´s awesome and full of inspiring ideas! kisses from colores

  2. so pretty!! Wish i could see it all in person!

    Philip and I are looking to buy a house and I cannot wait to design it!!

  3. Colores, Thanks! I checked out your blog as well- I love all the flowers! I hope to have a cutting garden one day and I love seeing all the different flowers for inspiration!

    Jenn- That is so exciting about looking for a house! It's tons of fun (and STRESSFUL) I bet it will be stunning! Can't wait for yall to be closer!