Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back-yard Dreaming

As one of our many things that we wanted to do this year, I had always wanted a beautiful, lush blanket of grass in a backyard. Unfortunately, it looks like this....

Greg and I decided that we would seed the backyard this early spring so that this summer we would have grass.
Unfortunately this is all weeds and rocks-no grass!

Greg spent one LONG day of tilling up the ground and seeding to realize-- we have a TON of rocks in our yard and even with the thickest grass, the rocks would cause problems.

We deliberated all the options and finally buckled down and decided to hire someone for the job.

After a two week waiting list, they came in, spread the top soil out, laid out the flower beds, laid sod, and were done IN ONE DAY!!!

It was amazing to leave for work with this....

and return home to this!!!

We still have to do landscaping and create our patio that will eventually be a fire pit but we finally have a beautiful backyard for little man to play on this summer!

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  1. Enjoy your barefoot days on that lush grass - and keep your sprinkler close by for those hot dry spells!