Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quick Ways to Save the Environment Part 2

Last post, I described the quick ways to lessen your electricity use and your power bill!

Today, I want to talk about water usage!

Easy Peasy- Quick'n Easy Ways

1. Turn water off when not using it! Brushing your teeth, shaving your legs? You don't need a full stream of water- turn it off. This will not seem like a lot, but it adds up over a month!

2. Don't pre-rinse dishes before the dishwasher. Most modern-day dishwashers have a grinder at the bottom that will grind minor food particles for you! Save time and water with this one!

3. Don't use a garbage disposal.
    A. it takes a lot of water to churn your unwanted food down the drain.
    B. They are loud and can get smelly over time.
    C. They wear out fast!
Why not start a mini compost? You get great, fresh fertilizer for free!

4. When doing laundry or dishes, always wash with full loads! Why waste all that water for just a few items? If you are needing something quickly, why not handwash in the sink? Takes a little elbow grease, but it will be ready quicker and several gallons of water saved!

5. No-bath week. (I can't do this one, ha!) Baths use about twice as much water as it does for a normal 10 minute shower. Take one week and instead of getting baths, take showers! Better yet, take a shower with your partner-- you will save on water and only have to wipe down the shower once!
6. Shorten your shower. How long do you normally spend in the shower? Say you stand there for a minute basking in the warmth. Then you wash your hair, then condition it, now you wash your body and shave. This takes between 15-20 minutes! If you were to change your process and wash and condition your hair while you are bathing your body and shaving, you can easily knock 5 minutes off your routine. Over a week, that's over half an hour your water is not running and over 170 gallons a week that you are saving PER PERSON!!!

7. Water grass in the early morning! This is the best time for the water to soak into the ground and not be evaporated by the sun. It also is better than watering it in the evening because it is less likely to promote fungus or weeds from growing.

8.  Put sprinklers on a timer! They now have timers that attach to the spigot and will allow you to walk away and still not over-water your grass!

9. Choose landscaping plants and trees that are local. They are used to the climate that you deal with, so you won't have to overly water or constantly maintain to keep in great shape.

10. Use mulch. Adding a layer of mulch will help ground stay moist so that you don't have to use as much water.

11. Check pools, hot tubs, ponds, spigots, hoses, etc... for leaks. During the winter months, keep covered to maintain water and to keep clean.

12. Install a rain barrel. It simply attaches to your gutters and you get free rain water for watering your plants. Here is a great place to purchase one!

Stay tuned- I will next reveal ways to save water that are not the quick fixes!

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