Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Ways to Save the Environment Part 1

Happy Spring!

Since today is the first day of spring (my FAVORITE season), I started thinking about the environment and all that 'green' stuff came to mind.

Whether I do or do not believe in global warming is not the issue, but why not take simple steps to help reduce our dependence and depletion of our natural resources?

Last year, I became a LEED Green Associate which simply means that I am trained in interior design that promotes healthy lifestyles that are environmentally friendly.

So here are some quick steps to save our beautiful world (and some money saving too)

1. Turn off lights, fans, tvs, etc when leaving a room. Why have things running if you aren't there to enjoy them?

2. Turn off computers. Ipads, etc. at night.

3. CFLS. If you change your lightbulbs to compact fluorescents, although the initial cost is more than a standard lightbulb, they last for many many years which means you dont waste time running to the store for bulbs and changing them so frequently. They also cost pennies on the dollar to run compared to a normal bulb.

They have come out with every type of CFL imaginable!

4. Motion Lights in hallways, pantries,and other small rooms. How many times are hallway lights left on- why do they need to stay on if no one is there?  Install a motion detector and it will turn on and off as people come and go.
 We have one in our hallway and it turns on and then it stays on 15 secs after motion stops. We love it! Especially if my hands are full, I don't have to stop and turn on/off the light.

5. Programmable Thermostat. We have one of these and it is amazing. You can set a program for weekdays and weekends. Set it to the temperature that you like while you are home and hot/cold (depending on time of year) when you are at work or traveling. You can't imagine how much this will lower your power bill!!!

6. Wash clothes in warm or cool water-- not only does this save power by not heating the water as much, it also keeps your clothes looking new even longer!
7. Keep your fireplace damper closed. Just think of all that 'bought air' just flying out of the house. Yes, I am from the south.

8. Clean your air filters! Keeping them clean means better air quality and the A/C doesn't have to work so hard to get you that fresh air!

9. Put up blinds! Windows that are uncovered allow heat and cold to pass easily through the glass. If it is covered, especially with a honeycomb blind design- it will keep your home at the right temperature much more easily!

10. Avoid chores during hot times of the day. Let's face it, cleaning is work and you get hot when you work. This means you are heating up the air as you clean. If you wait and clean when the sun is down and the rooms are cooler, your A/C has to work less to keep the rooms at desired temperature.


  1. Cool article and thanks for the tip. The tip about electricity really works, everyone should mind this one! :)