Friday, March 16, 2012

Nothing EVER goes according to plan.

In the last few weeks, Greg and I had planned to get our backyard ready for summer. You can read about that here. We had planned what we were going to do and when and how.

Change of plans. Ever since I was young, I have had back problems (somewhat like a pinched nerve in my very lower back). Once I had Brodie, the pain subsided for a while but it is now back with a vengeance! We currently have two queen beds in our home (ours and the guest room) both of which were ours from college and over 8 years old---worn out!
Our Guest Room Bed (mine from college)

We have been talking about a new mattress for a while, but we thought that there were other things that were more important. THAT was until last week. My back hurt more when I woke up than when I laid down the night before equaling NO sleep.

So our backyard fund turned into the " we need a bed" fund. We went shopping and finally agreed on this bad boy~ I am super pumped although we have to wait until next week to get it.

One problem--it's a king. Meaning new bed frame, headboard/bed, bedding, pillows and all that jazz.

Opening Pandora's box begins...
Although I had already been sort of planning what I wanted to eventually do in our room, this is moving way faster than planned and I hate making quick decisions!

Here is how our room looks now-- well sort of,  no bassinet anymore.

New "nightstand/chest". I have already purchased this at the January market, but won't be shipped until May, sigh.

And if you follow me on Pinterest, (if you don't you should!) then you know what is on my mind for the bed!

Upholstered headboards that I like cost about $1,500-2,250 retail..yeah I ain't paying that!

We are going to make an upholstered headboard~ I have been studying up and have bought all of our supplies and have a game plan. Pray for us- ha!

Stay tuned for the step by step process!

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