Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Craze

After hearing about the incredible response to the Missoni for Target collection, I thought it would be fun to show how you can incorporate this look into your own home!

Going all out in Missoni is definitely a cool look, but let's face it... I don't always want to be in a room that stimulating---a girl needs her downtime.

Here are some ways to get the Missoni "punch" and style in a more relaxed way.

This is a project that I completed during college- we made a painting out of 1x1 inch squares. Each dot was a solid color.  Cool technique that I think I might do again...THINK is key here!

Bad face here-- but she was huge!

What do you think about this craze? I can't wait to see everyone walking around in chevron prints and outrageous colors!!!

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