Friday, September 30, 2011

Decorating with Beer Bottles

In honor of college football, I thought I would show some classy ways to decorate with beer bottles....


Vetrazzo is a company that makes a super cool countertop...from recycled glass, ahem beer/liquor bottles.
They are a great company with a cool story and most of all, SUPER GREEN products! It is made of recylced glass, concrete, and resin. Check them out here if you want to know more about their story!

You can:
  • Place Hot things directly on it
  • Cut directly on it
  • Have little worry about staining or chipping.
  • Can use it in residential or commercial projects--indoor or OUTDOOR!
Here are some of the products and what they are made of:

And yes, they do use other types of recycled glass-- such as 
Windshields and Shower Doors

 Skyscraper Windows (known as float glass)
 Stained Glass (Windows and Tiffany- style lamps)

Then there's Sky, Corona, and Heineken bottles.

So enjoy tailgating this weekend and start saving up your beer bottles and liquor bottles!! 


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