Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Longwood Designs

In my previous post, you were introduced to Longwood, the master bath remodeling job. Demolition started almost a month ago and we are deep in the process.

Here are the drawings for the new floorplan design:
The floorplan design's main purpose was to enlarge their shower, take out the over-sized tub and replace it with a smaller drop-in water-jet tub, and relocate the toilet niche. In order to accomplish this, the right closet's length had to be shortened. (Click here to see original floorplan)

The shower design has changed throughout the process and it has turned out to be a beautiful design! The tub surround was continued across the back of the room into the shower to create a bench inside the shower. There are two long, rectangular cubbies inside the shower that are of our beautiful accent tile. This accent tile is also used as accent bands around the shower and on the tub front.  

The luxurious shower has two regular shower heads, one on each side,  one hand-held fixture between the cubbies, and an over-sized rain head in the center. The front of the shower will be solid, seamless glass wall as shown in the drawing below.

With one of the closets being shortened, it required a closet system "to have a place for everything" to keep it organized and functional. The closet system is being installed today and tomorrow and I hope to post pictures soon. These are the conceptual sketches of the closets.

HER's (the one that is being shortened):

Her closet has open shelving, four drawers of different sizes, shoe cubbies, and purse cubbies. It has short and long hanging areas as well as large storage above. They have 10'-0" ceilings and we were determined to use all of it!


 His closet is extremely shallow and the design had to be very functional. There are shoe cubbies on the left wall and open shelving and drawers on the other end of the closet. The main portion of the closet is a double stack of short hanging. The back corner is an awkward space because of the angled wall and it was utilized for housing guns and other over-sized items. We also utilized the tall ceilings and added the extra storage above, just as we did in her closet.

Check back tomorrow to see the current progress of the room and the design details of the room!

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