Monday, November 8, 2010

Longwood Remodel..Before

I am excited to say that one of my current jobs is smoothly trucking along, with the execption of the lighting being back-ordered, and are finally back on schedule! 

Just a little background to fill you in: Once I decided to venture out on my own, my first job came along pretty quickly and is my biggest job to this day. The homeowners built their beautiful home in the late 1980's. Although they have done minor updates over the years, they were ready for a big change. They wanted to take their bathroom down to the studs, enlarge the shower, and remove some walls to allow more natural lighting.  Once we got into designing, they also committed to installing wooden closet systems in each closet and updating the closet doors.

After several months of deliberation, we finally worked up the perfect floorplan and began the search for finishes, tiles, and lighting.

This is the original floorplan before we began construction. This drawing includes the closets and hallway into the bathroom. The dotted lines represent the objects to be removed.
These are pictures of the bathroom just before demolition began:

This is the vanity section. The husband's brother built these cabinets and are still in great condition. The plan is to refinish them and change the countertops and cabinet pulls. Also the wall between the tub and vanity is being partially removed to allow more light into the room.
 The original custom leaded glass windows had pink borders around the edges and needed repairs, so the clients decided to replace them with new windows. After several weeks of sketching, our new window design is cohesive with the rest of the room's design and allows views into the woods behind the home. The drawing depicts the new design for the bay window and a peek at the new bathroom design.

This is the right side of the bathroom. As you can see, they had a corner shower that was fully enclosed and a small toilet niche next to it.  The angled wall and mirror shown in the above picture will be removed to make room for the enlarged shower.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the bathroom!

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