Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking Back...

As you know, I don't like to do New Years Resolutions, but goals for the year. I did not make too many goals for myself this year, but was able to check off alot of them.

2012 Goals

1. Apply, Study, and Pass the NCIDQ.


2. Go On a Family Vacation

We were able to spend a glorious week at the beach with my family this summer.

3. Enjoy Being a Family. 

It was important to me to spend a lot of quality time with my two men and enjoy being a young family.

4. Complete At Least One Room in the House.

Although we made several improvements, not one room is "done". I  guess technically the laundry room and powder room are complete. But I am close to being finished with several other rooms and hope to accomplish that this year. 

5. Finish our Backyard.

We did get the yard sodded, but we are still needing to landscape. We put in a gravel patio that we are using for a fire pit area and I can't wait to get some nice chairs down there to enjoy by the fire!

6. Have Friends Over More

This one I feel that I didn't get to this year. Between studying for four months and having a young son, I just couldn't get it together in this category. This one is getting tagged for 2013!

7. Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Although I didn't slow down much this year, I do feel that I am finally getting the hang of being a working mom and still getting to enjoy family life. Now that we have a few big things under our belt, I hope to do this next year. 

8. Join a Sunday School Class

We have been going to a class since the Spring. We are really enjoying the fellowship and getting to know everyone in the class. We look forward to growing closer with everyone. (And maybe even work on #6)

9. Join a Bible Study

I hate to admit it, but I have not been in a Bible study in about 10 years and I knew it was time to get back into that! I joined a Women's Bible study at my church and really enjoyed it. 

10. Volunteer

I have always had a heart for service and volunteering, but have been so busy and mentally stretched thin, that I just couldn't make myself volunteer. Now that I feel that I am getting back on track and not so stressed all of the time, I look forward to having the opportunity to give back to the community.  

What goals did you make for yourself this past year that you achieved?

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