Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Fashion Guru

I am a low maintenance girl- upkeep isn't my strong suit. I LOVE painted nails and manicures but I am WAY to hard on my hands and I usually have several chips by the day's end. Until now...

I have found the secret weapon....

Orly Rubberized Bonder as a base coat is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I bought mine at Ulta, but I'm sure that you can find it other places too.

Here's the breakdown of how to use it:
1. Use bonder as base coat (it dries VERY quickly)
2. Two coats of color
3. Top coat--make sure to get the top of your tips covered also. This extends the life of the color for days!

Here's why I LOVE it:
A. The polish sticks to it really well
B. The nail polish doesn't streak as much and looks super smooth
C. No shrinking or peeling/chipping
D. Little tip wear with heavy use of hands
E. My nails feel stronger and seem to grow faster when I used this!

Three days of party planning, planting pansies in the front yard, and playing in the bouncy house and I just barely had the edges starting to wear- but oh-so-little!

I repainted on Sunday and it is now Thursday and NO chipping!
Day One
(p.s. I used OPI Bubble Bath and OPI top coat)

 Day 5
(after EXTREME use of hands nailing nailheads on our headboard)
No chips yet!  

Use it! Love it! You will never paint your nails without it again!!!!

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