Monday, January 30, 2012

Adventures of the Misfit Homeowners- Night Two

Pencil Marks-- who would think that this would be such a sore spot for me?

Shortly after moving in our home, we realized that there were pencil marks on our kitchen floor tile. Not thinking it was a big deal, I got an average pencil eraser out and went to scrubbing. Nope- notta budge, smudge, nothing.

So next I try a Magic Eraser... notta budge, smudge nothing.
CLR? Nope
Tide? Nope

Swiffer? Nope

Soft Scrub? Again nothing.

So I put this on the shelf and have looked at these marks for a year and a half. Until last night.

I decided to google the problem. Apparently porcelain tile likes pencil charcoal. Everyone online said to use steel wool and buff it out. I don't own steel wool. But I do have Bar Keeper's Friend - I wonder if that will work?

hmmm..What does it say on the can? PORCELAIN-woo hoo!

If you have never heard of Bar Keeper's Friend and own pots and pans- go get you some! It scrubs away all the spots and ugliness away from them!

So I wet a paper towel, sprinkled the Bar Keepers on the floor, did a little scrub scrub and Wait-- did that really work? YES!!! With minor scrubbing--no more pencil and no damaged tile.

WOO HOO!!!!!



Night Two = Success. One happy girl!

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