Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventures of the Misfit Homeowners- Night One

I have decided to start a little documentary of Greg and I's attempt at being proactive homeowners. We have been in our home for about 1.5 years and there are some things that need to be worked on. Nothing major- you know, just upkeep.

Being new to the homeowners things basically means "NEW TO MAINTENANCE". So this little series will be us learning to do maintenance things while trying not to kill each other  loving each other.

Night One

We decided to tackle the small things on our list that we could do it in an hour or so between putting Brodie down and going to bed ourselves.

We have white countertops in our kitchen and bathrooms. Yes white countertops!
Sound scary- but we have a solid surface which makes it almost maintenance free! It's antimicrobial, stain-resistant, and if it were to ever break, they can mold it back together!! If I ever get stains, a little rub with a magic eraser and you would never know anything was there!

Back on track--the caulk used has shrunk over time leaving holes in places. Thankfully Greg did some maintenance work at an apartment complex in college so he knew what to do.

1. Remove existing caulk.
I confess--not an image from our picture- I grabbed it off the web. Hey- we were competing. There was NO WAY that I was stopping to take a picture during this heated race!
After removing old caulk
It actually was pretty easy! It was stretchy, so once you started pulling- it just kept pulling off. We had a competition to see who could get the longest strand of caulk. Greg won-- I blame it on his previous experience.

2. Wipe area to make sure there is no dirt or grime to interfere with adhesion.

We wiped the area down and decided to let it dry overnight to make sure no moisture would be behind the caulk.

3. Using a caulk gun, we Greg caulked the space between the backsplash and the countertop. Then he wiped the excess off with his finger.

4. Voila! No holes in the caulk!
Although this looks like the before picture- I PROMISE it is a million times better!

I call night one a success! No fights, easy-peasy job done, went to sleep happy!

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