Monday, January 24, 2011

The Reveal....

Ladies and Gentlemen,
After Greg and my Dad spent two days putting up trim and base boards and Greg and I spent every night this week working our behinds off, we finally have this:

TA DA!!! I am so super pumped! We wanted to use the room SO bad, that we blew up an air mattress and watched a movie in our newly finished bonus room! Yes, we are dorks but it was soo much fun!

This was a long project that Greg and I decided to do on our own. Not only did it makes us grow stronger in our communication skills (lifting large pieces of drywall will make you learn to talk to each other, ha!) It was all-in-all fun. The best part is knowing that we did the work ourselves and that with hard work and a little luck, we can do anything! Sorry to get sappy on you guys, I'm just so stinkin' excited about the room!

We decided not to have the builder finish out the bonus room- this is what it looked like May 2010.

 Then we drywalled a couple of weeks before we moved in- June 2010
(Other rooms still had not been finished)
In all our glory nastiness.

We had someone tape/mud and finish the walls and then we painted. If you ever paint fresh drywall, just know that it takes A TON of paint and the primer smells.

I didn't get any pictures of Greg and Daddy working--but this was the finished product before the carpet went down!

Lola needed an appearance on the blog.

Greg wanted in too!

Now all we need to do is...
-art (we have some great Auburn newspaper clippings and a really cool picture of Greg's car) that should go up soon!

Then, finito, DONE!

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