Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Love/Hate Dance

So as a designer, I begin to love something and obsess over it. Then after a year or so, "it" infiltrates the market and everyone loves it too. A few months later, I hate "it" and move on to my next "it" that I love! ha!

Here's what I'm hatin'...

Parson Chairs
I used to love these and wanted them in my house, now they are everywhere, please give me a curve on a chair!

Restoration Hardware

Now don't get me wrong, I still love furniture that looks worn and old. Although it would not work in my house, I like it in small doses. What I don't like is when someone tries to put a room together that looks like an ad for Restoration Hardware...shown above :)


Granite.. call me crazy but I have never really loved this stuff. I wish it would go away and I hate that it is the "buyer's standard" in home sales. Let's gang up on the world and create a new standard!!

No interesting color or pattern!
All neutral rooms... I admit I was obsessed with this look about a year ago as we were building our house. But I think after a few hard economical years, I just love color and pattern and want to come home to something not boring or super casual. Why shouldn't your home be bright and inviting?

Skinny lamps. I used to love em', now I feel that they just look cheap. Probably just my imagination though.

What are you loving right now in design?

What I'm lovin'...

I love everything about this--the ikat fabric, the bright purple, the small, chrome tray table, minimal accessories, and pink peonies!

Ikat walls, yummy~

Interesting lines on sofas. (This is a Bobby McApline for Lee Industries)

HUGE upholstered headboards,
extra plus if they are in a velvet!

Still loving glass tile, but it has to be interesting! I also love glass lamps, this one is from Tracy Glover!

Art Deco is my ultimate favorite design style, right now.

I can never resist a wow factor in something unexpected!

What are you lovin' and hatin' these days?

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