Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Kids in Master Bedroom?


I was researching ideas for master bedroom design (for our house) and came across this article about keeping "kids and family" out of the bedroom. This room is all about you and your spouse--no one else! No pictures with kids, family, or friends; no kids sleeping in the bed with you during the night; nothing that reminds you of your kids or family, WHATSOEVER.

This sounds super harsh to me!!!

Their reasoning is that this room is about you and your spouse. It's your little niche that CAN be child-free, so why not make it child-free? They say that it makes a couple stronger and lets them communicate things, other than kids, more effectively.

Some of my friends have begun having children and it made me think about this idea a bit. I'm not sure how I feel about this theory. I understand the it, but isn't YOUR room supposed to be about things that you LOVE? Like your kids? Like your friends? Like your family?

I would love to hear your opinion on the matter!!

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  1. Coming from a woman with a 30 yr marriage, and two children (21 and 11)...I disagree with the idea of separating any part of my life from my children....It makes me sad to see new parents try so hard to keep their children in their "own" space....You're gonna get a lot of opinions, Whitney...this is almost as hot a topic as breastfeeding....Good Luck! You are brave to put it out

  2. The author apparrently either has no children or lack a bond with their children in my opinion. Some of our best moments have been on Saturday mornings with everyone piled in the bed and watching TV. I do agree children should sleep in their on room after they are a few weeks old. As a first time mother I tried having his crib in our room. Needless to say, it made sleep much less intimacy almost nonexistent. Moving him to the room next door was a blessing for all of us. Even with that my 10 year old will crawl in bed with me if dad is out of town "to help me sleep better". Can't imagine removing everything important to me out of my room.

  3. Well I agree on the no kids in the bedroom. You spend all of your day with your kids. Your life mostly consists of working (to give your kids everything they need and want), feeding them, playing with them, caring for them, and shuffling them to all of their play-dates, soccer games, and boy-scout groups. This is the one place where I can relax and have me time.

    I understand how to an outsider this might seem selfish, but if I get ten minutes alone in my room and I can refresh, I am a much happier and balanced person.

    You have to figure out what works for you, and not having reminders of my stressful, daily life in my bedroom is what works for me.

  4. Since I don't have children yet, it's hard for me to imagine either side of the fence on this one. I think that I will allow "kids in the bedroom", but with restraints. I can't imagine not having pictures of people that I love, including children, on my night stand or on furniture in my room.

    I do also understand that you need downtime and your bedroom is the best place for this, but I don't think that pictures of people wouldn't allow you to refresh yourself. I think it helps you relax more and remember happy times, ultimately helping you relax and calm down even quicker. Just my humble opinion.

    Thanks for all the comments, I love seeing everyone's perspectives! Keep 'em coming!

  5. I think no kids in the bedroom is a great idea. The Master bedroom was made for two people whom are in love with one another to have a haven alway from it all. I feel if you want to have family time there is places for that, like the family room/ area. I feel that couples no longer know how to communicate without it being about the kids if they are always there! Don't get me wrong I love kids but at times you need a break and the bedroom is it! This is not saying they can never come in but it doesn't need to be for long periods of time. Growing up my siblings and I respect our parents privacy their bedroom was their bedroom, we talked to them from time to time in there, but never made ourselves comfortable, no laying on their bed, sleeping from time to time, none of that! It's funny because my parents never told us we couldn't we just wanted them to have that if not anything more! Parents do a lot for their kids at least their kids can leave there haven alone!

    1. Tony,

      I agree! Now that we have a one year old- I really do treat my bedroom as my personal space and couple space. We try to keep toys and baby things out of there because it is everywhere else in the house!

      Thanks for stopping by!