Friday, November 12, 2010

Auburn 'bound!


I am excited about going to Auburn this weekend for the game! Sad to say, but we still have not made it to a home game this year. We have been in Auburn for several of the games, but never made it to the stadium (because we are poor, not sloppy :) ). On a whim, and a reason to get to see one of my best friends, we found tickets and went to the Ole Miss game. It was a blast. The stadium was not the best I've been to, but the atmosphere was electrifying! My favorite part was how many Auburn fans were in the stadium and stayed-put even way after the game was over!

 We had great seats, right between the goal-post. This is the only picture I took, my camera died shortly after.

As for this weekend, it is going to be a rush to the game. Greg has to work until noon and then it's a 3 hour drive there. His family lives in Auburn, so we will mad-dash to their house to watch the game.  We didn't buy tickets this time and I wish we could be there for this incredible game, but we aren't millionaires and can't afford the outrageously priced tickets!

On Cam Newton:
I have had a hard time dealing with all of the bad press about Auburn and Cam Newton. As a former student athlete recruiter, I know how Auburn works and the morals and ethics that we stand for and I find it VERY difficult to see these allegations being true. I have paid close attention to everything going on in the media, but have tried to bite my tongue until I hear the whole story. Yes Cam has had a rough past, but who hasn't messed up, especially in college? Who would come up squeaky-clean if a microscope was focused on his/her past? And once you made that 'big mistake', did you not learn your lesson and clean your act up? Why do most people in the media seem to think a person can't change and redeem themself?

I believe in Gene Chizik. When I recruited, he was an assistant coach and he was as he is now: a gentleman that lifts people up, expects the best out of everyone, upholds his morals and values, and is an all around great man. If he says everything is 'pure garbage', then it is garbage.

Until proven otherwise, I stand with Cam, Auburn, and all of the coaches. To this point, nothing I have seen or heard makes me believe otherwise. We are innocent until proven guilty, unlike most people in the media believe that it is 'guilty until proven innocent'. Just because it happened at USC with Pete Carroll means nothing to me. With that logic, if a high-profile man in Oklahoma cheated on his wife, then a high-profile man in Mississippi did too. It simply means nothing!  I believe in Auburn and love it!

P.S. I can't wait to hear the news that stems from this quote yesterday. It is supposed to surface sometime today.

"Sleep well tonight, Auburn. 
They have taken their best shot, and it is a misfire. 
Starting tomorrow, it's our turn. And all Hell is coming with us." - Will Collier

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