Thursday, November 1, 2012


Wow! I can't believe that I have hit this number so quickly! I had only reached 10,000 back in February on my 100th post!


1. Started the blog on 11/8/2010. Read my first post ever here.

2. 15 months later, I wrote my 100th post and hit 10,000 views!
3. Add another 8 months and I hit 20,000 views!
4. It took 15 months to write 100 posts and I have written 50 in the last 8 months!
5. I have had two giveaways and won a giveaway on Burlap and Blue's blog!
6. I took a two month hiatus to focus on the family and my studies this year.
7. I did my first series of guest blogs a few weeks ago and have another series in the works!
8. Keep watching the blog, there MIGHT be a giveaway coming up :)

Thanks for reading my blog and entertaining my fancies!

Speaking of giveaways-- 
Send me pictures of your carved pumpkin! 
The best pumpkin will win a prize!  
Send pictures of your pumpkin to

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  1. Congratulations Whitney! Sometimes blogging is a chore but it's pretty exciting to see how many people look in on what you have to say! Keep it up and your numbers will grow even more!