Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Surviving the Storm: Survival Kit

This past weekend was another scary one. A tornado hit within a couple of miles of my office on Friday ---a little too reminiscent of April 27, 2011.
Tornado behind our house last year.

This year was especially nerve wreaking because I now have a little one that depends on me to keep him safe.

Do you have a storm kit ready? I didn't. I do now. That way if we aren't at home and our nanny needs it- she knows exactly where it is and can keep little man and herself safe.

The Basics

1. Water (1 gallon per person for 3-7 days)

2. Non Perishable foods--peanut butter, canned food/fruits, juices, crackers, cereal, etc...

   Check out this website for guidance on what to store.

3. Plastic cups, plates, napkins, utencils

4. Cooking utensils/fuel/etc...

5. Clothing---rain gear, normal clothes, socks, heavy duty shoes-- all in ziplock bags--to keep dry.


 6. Blankets and Pillows-- for safety coverage and use afterwards.

7. Toiletries-- toothbrushes/toothpaste, toilet paper, q-tips, feminine products, etc...

8. Medical Supplies--Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, Band-aids, allergy medicines, vitamins, peroxide, alcohol, first aid kit, prescription drugs, super glue (glue cuts/gashes closed)


9. Digging Out materials- gloves for each person, safety glasses, helmets if possible (bike helmets work great!) Any tools you might need for the situation.

10. Special Items- (FOR US: BABY STUFF) diapers, formula, bottles, clothes, blankets, toys, books, marsupial sling, etc...

11. Flash Lights (one per person) and extra batteries. Use one at a time in case of long term needs.

12. Radio-- battery operated and extra batteries.


13. Cash-- keep several hundred dollars in smaller bills in hand.

14. Important documents - drivers licenses, medical records, social security cares, bank account numbers, important phone numbers, marriage license, birth certificates of children, etc...


15. Keys- car keys, house keys, business keys, other important keys

16.  Toys, Books, and Games to occupy kids times or to alleviate stress

17. Pet care items--identification, immunization records, food and water, carrier, medications, leash.

Things to do before an emergency.
1. Make sure vehicle is fully gassed.
2. Keep garage door open (in case power outage)
3. Figure out Safe hiding place.
4. Have kit prepared.
5. Create a plan of action.
6. Charge cell phone batteries.
7. Eat good meal.
8. Call relatives and make sure that they know your plans.
9. Pray

So that's it! Once every few months, check your stock of items. Make sure food is not expired, that batteries are fresh, and everything is easy to get to quickly.

Do you have any other tips or suggestions for the emergency survival kits?

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  1. WE seem to be in the bullseye lately! Your list is so thoughtful and smart - I never think I'll need an emergency kit but you just never know!