Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Got something brewing...

Hey guys--sorry no Valentine Story post yet-- something is messed up with a few of the pictures. I am hoping to have it fixed and resend it today!

Anywho... I was playing on pinterest and have decided on finally getting to work on my powder bathroom. If you didn't know- it is one of the MANY rooms that I want to tackle this year.

Since it is such a small room, it really won't take long to make a huge transformation....

There are no windows- so it has to stay light and airy without compromising on a punch of color.

Without further ado, here's a clue to what I hope to accomplish this week...

 all images via my pinterest board

For all those who have ventured out and painted stripes--any suggestions?


  1. I'm painting horizontal stripes in my bedroom right now! I drew lines using a level and pencil, and I am not using painter's tape.. I read somewhere if you have a steady hand and good eye, you won't really need it, so that's what I've been doing. So far, so good!

    Also, I did the high gloss with flat stripes in the same color, instead of two different colors. I'll be blogging about it as soon as I finish!

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Rachel, just linked over from MFAMB and wanted to share a painter's tape hint I read "somewhere on the interwebs". They said to put up your tape over the (very dry) base wall coat and then paint THAT SAME BASE COLOR along the edge of the tape where the other color is going to go (you will be painting over it anyway). The theory is that the base color will do any of the seeping under the tape that is going to happen and seals the edge so that when you paint the other color it won't be able to get under there. Truth: I have not tried this but it made perfect sense to me!! I think they were doing chevrons and said they got very crisp lines!


  3. Sorry Rachel, I meant Whitney. But feel free to use it!! DAYUM!, this getting old stuff is for the birds!

  4. Rachel- I wish I was as bold as you-- I don't trust my straight lines!! Haha- I WIlL be using tape==hopefully it won't bleed too bad, ha!

    Jackie-- that sounds like an INCREDIBLE idea!! I am painting tonight-- I will definitely try this theory out! Thanks for the tip!