Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Christmas Tree that Almost Wasn't

So.... it's been an interesting year. The Christmas Tree did not disappoint either.

We went to find a tree on a Saturday night. We quickly chose one because of it being such a cold night.

Greg forgot that it was on the roof and brought it "into the house" before we had planned. Thankfully tree nor house was damaged, ha!

Once inside, we realized that the trunk was quite crooked~ we spun and spun and spun the tree until the crookedness was least noticeable. Greg worked on the lights for several nights. We ran out of lights half-way up the tree and it took 8 stores and 2 nights of searching before we found enough to finish the tree. I quickly threw decorations on it and we went to bed WAY past our bedtime.

The next morning we got this adorable shot of Mr. Brodie
too bad I didn't hold out and get this for our Christmas card!

All said and done, there are 3,500 lights on the front side of our tree along with all of the ornaments. --Recipe for disaster.

I get a frantic phone call from Greg. He had the day off and was taking care of Brodie.

Greg: "I need help".
Me: "Oh God, what?"
Greg: "I am holding the tree up. Brodie is on the couch. I can't get to my cell phone. Call one of our neighbors to come help me."
Me: "Ok"

(I call our closet friends to help out- unfortunately, they were not at home. My phone was reset a couple of weeks ago and I lost most of my phone numbers. I had no other immediate neighbors numbers. Thankfully our photographer lives 3 houses up and I gave her a call.)

I call Greg back.

Me: "Brittney is on her way down."
Greg: "Good, (Brodie screaming in the background) Brodie is hungry and the milk is on the stove. Good news is...only one ornament broke."

Long Story Short, I came home to a half-naked tree. I finally reworked everything and here is the final product.

 Hopefully your tree decoration was not as eventful as ours.  What does your tree look like?

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  1. It's all true. Whitney's number is the only one I know anymore.