Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Colors for the Adventurous Ones

 A week or two ago, I attended a webinar about the upcoming paint colors for 2011. There were four color schemes that they discussed that I would like to show you.

Today, I begin with the Adventurous Travelers.

The American Melting Pot

America used to be considered the "melting pot" of cultures and ethnicity. 

Shakira in concert.

Today, that is no longer the case. People are proud of their heritage and want to show off who they are as a person. They want to be unique and their family's history helps make them stand out in a crowd.

 A few years ago Moroccan designs became very strong in the design world, but now there is also a presence of South African tribal designs.
Moroccan designs with bright,bold colors and strong prints.
Moroccan lanterns were very popular.

Dell's South African inspired laptop.

South African prints for home and fashion.
Lee Jofa add from 2008

Lee Jofa fabric

Houndstooth and Paisleys have been around for a few seasons, but are being used everywhere these days!

Mondo (Project Runway)
Pretty in Pink

Houndstooth was original to Scottland while Paisleys originated from India.

Paisley Stained Glass Windows, just stunning!

Bright, saturated colors of strong, bold patterns. Not afraid to layer patterns!

Animal skins are another popular pattern for this style of design.
Suzanne Kasler via Material Girl's blog.

Reptile prints are also a growing trend.
Thibaut's Aligator wallcovering.

 If you are an adventurous traveler that is proud of your heritage and love to display your treasures from traveling, then here are the colors for your home in 2011:



Tribal Influence

Outdoor Retreats

Exuberant Pink SW6840
Gypsy Red SW6865
Monorail Silver SW7663
Armagnac SW6354
Glitzy Gold SW6691

 Click Here for the PDF of all the colors!


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